Luke 'Shakes' His Way Up the Chart

"Can Luke Bryan make it four in a row? The Georgia native hopes his latest offering, 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me),' will match the success of his previous three consecutive No. 1 singles, 'Do I,' 'Rain Is a Good Thing' and 'Someone Else Calling You Baby.' Judging by the tune's rapid chart climb, and initial fan response, the singer has good reason to be optimistic."

"We feel like it's a life-changer," Luke tells The Boot after incorporating the the tune in his concert set for nearly two months. "What's interesting is, I wrote it with my buddy Dallas Davidson, who I wrote 'Rain Is a Good Thing' with. Me and Dallas, heck, we always listen to crazy music, and we were on iTunes one day listening to some hip-hop songs. We said, 'We need to talk about getting some country girls to shake it a little bit.' We just laughed about it. And then we started working on it, and we wrote it."

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