Single Goes for Adds at Radio February 12

ITUNES Picks “All My Friends Say” As This Week’s “Discovery Download” of the Week

NASHVILLE, TN January 18, 2007 -- Capitol Records Nashville newest singer/songwriter Luke Bryan, chosen by Billboard magazine as their pick for the country music “Face to Watch in 2007,” has just released his video for his debut single “All My Friends Say” and just premiered this week on GAC, CMT.com and CMT Pure.

The video, directed by Shaun Silva, was shot in Athens, GA at a true-to-life University of Georgia fraternity house which Luke laughs and comments, “I remember living pretty nasty in college, but those guys in Athens, boy, they take the cake. It was Animal House. We started shooting the video at 10 a.m. and by 11 a.m. they are out in the front yard sitting on the coolers and it got pretty interesting. By 11 pm that night they were having a good time to say the least.”

The main character in the video, Drew Tucker of Pelham, AL, was literally picked off the street by Silva. Tucker had brought his girlfriend to the casting call and was outside leaning on a car when Silva walked out, saw him and said, “You’re my guy. You’re about to be the star in this video.” It took just a little coaxing but he agreed. Luke said, “For somebody to get thrown in to that deal, he did an unbelievable job.”

Luke laughs, “I don’t know what they paid him, but I don’t think it was enough. His day started at about 10 a.m and he had to get slapped about 20 times. It was funny. We’d be back there eating at craft services and you’d hear ‘SLAP!’ About 10 minutes would go by and you’d hear ‘SLAP’ again and again. We looked out there and his face was all red and he’s in the middle of Athens in his boxers. He was a trooper. Did a GREAT job!”

ITunes has chosen “All My Friends Say” as this week’s “Discovery Download of the Week!”

Bryan’s debut album is scheduled to be released in June 2007.