Luke is Country Music's Next Superstar!

"I knew there was something special about Luke Bryan the first time I saw him in concert. I remember it like it was yesterday…It was Halloween night in 2007 at the Jacksonville, FL Fair. Luke had released his debut album, I’ll Stay Me, just weeks prior and “All My Friends Say” was just beginning to make its way up the charts. Even though there were only about 50 people in the audience that night, Luke put on a high-energy show that had everyone up on their feet. From that moment on, I knew he was going to be a star. In fact, when I met him that night, I told him so.

Since that October night at the fair, I’ve watched Luke go from playing crowds of 50 to crowds 500, 1,000, and now, to audiences of 8,000+. I’ve watched him grow as a musician, an entertainer and a songwriter. I’ve watched his singles climb the charts time and time again and I’ve cheered him on as he accepted awards for ACM Top New Artist and CMT Breakthrough Video of the Year. I’ve watched his fan-base continue grow exponentially and I’ve seen him earn Gold albums and Platinum singles.

All of these moments came full circle for me last week when I saw Luke headline back-to-back nights of “CMT ON TOUR: Luke Bryan Tailgates & Tanlines” in Southaven, MS and Auburn, AL. I got a bit emotional when I saw thousands of fans on their feet screaming and singing along to every word. It’s amazing to see someone’s career take off the way Luke’s has and the best part is, this is only just the beginning for him.

Luke Bryan was born to entertain. He has that ‘spark’, the ‘it factor’, and he’s on his way to becoming the next country music superstar. I’ve been saying this for years and it’s wonderful to see that so many others now see what I saw in Luke back in 2007 in Jacksonville, FL."

From CountryMusicIsLove.com